I was 22 the first time someone used the word gravitas to describe me. It was my first professional review, and the context was that I lacked it.  

"Lisa comes across as young and overly enthusiastic at times. She should seek to have more gravitas." - From Lisa's first professional review in 2001

I knew I needed gravitas to be successful in life and business. And so began my decade-long affair with achieving it.

For me that meant being inspired by and inspiring my peers, and learning that the way I see myself can shape how I take on the day. To have gravitas is to be beyond doubt, and to instead own your moment.

And to my own moment, I needed the perfect dress. A dress that combined the quality and innovations I've come to expect. One that felt as chic as my best luxury-label pieces, and as slimming and confidence-boosting as my favorite yoga pants.

Today, Gravitas reflects both the community of women seeking it, and is a reminder to all of us who have it to project it.

With gratitude,

Lisa Sun

Founder & CEO