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"Inclusive Retail Brand Gravitas Supports Women’s Self Confidence Through Fashion"

"Traditional Clothing Sizes Aren't Inclusive- So This Designer is Getting Rid of Them"

"This workwear brand has a scientific approach to size-inclusive dresses... Project Gravitas’s pattern maker uses many different fit models, then makes multiple patterns for a single dress. But taking it a step further, [they] consider the wide range of ways that women carry their weight."

"'Women should stop waiting until. We’re all waiting to lose 10 pounds. Why delay that happiness? Be happy where you are in the present, and whatever happens next you can deal with that,' says Sun."

“We share the same mission with Clear Eyes,” smiles Lisa Sun, founder and CEO of Gravitas. “We are helping women see the best in themselves. We are kindred spirits when it comes to catalyzing confidence and inspiring self-belief through how we show ourselves to the world.”

"Lisa Sun has created her own trend: body acceptance. As the founder and CEO of Gravitas, a women's wear brand that caters to bodies of all shapes and sizes, Sun wants to meet clients right where they are, not after some radical transformation."

"You'll want these dresses in your work wardrobe. Whether you’re preparing for a job interview or are looking for sophisticated basics to add to your closet, consider this your new favorite work capsule collection.”

“We're thrilled to bring Project Gravitas to our customers,” Liz Rodbell, president of Lord & Taylor, tells Refinery29. “The brand sends an inspirational, empowering message and inspires women to have confidence. It’s a perfect example of what we stand for at Lord & Taylor.”

"Enter the new WorkLeisure capsule collection of dresses by Project Gravitas, a company founded by Lisa Sun in 2013 that melds fashion and function with streamlined designs that have shapewear built right in... They also look pretty luxe and are blissfully free of any extraneous design details so you can style them however you want."

"This Is How It's Done: The Designers of the New Wonder Woman Merch Are All Women... "When we started the company four years ago, we really wanted to find a way to promote confidence," Founder Lisa Sun explains. "We're a confidence company, and nobody embodies confidence better than Wonder Woman."

"For Lisa, Project Gravitas is more than just a fashion line or shapewear-- it's a way to make women feel empowered in their skin. Whether it's the 22-year-old buying her first business professional outfit or a mother who wants a flattering pencil skirt after giving birth, there's something for every woman."

"Lisa sun believes a dress can remind women to choose to be confident. Meet the woman who left her work in management consulting to a start dress company"

"Lisa Sun is the CEO of Project Gravitas, a clothing collection aimed at women who want to look professional — and be taken seriously — without resorting to daily black pantsuits."

"I’m always running from work to a party, and this teal pencil skirt—which has an invisible lining that lifts and smoothes without any bunching or tugging—is the perfect base for a chic day-to-night outfit."

"Enter Project Gravitas, a new line of womenswear designed to be both flattering and functional — and even self-esteem-boosting, with its unique ability to give wearers a “confidence hug.” In other words, it has shapewear built right inside — which means there’s no bunching, no tugging, no possibility of visible seams or lines, and no desire to tear them off halfway through the day."

"Another major obstacle is the term 'plus' in itself. 'It's an ugly word,' says Dakin before suggesting that we do away with the word and eschew labels altogether. Sun agrees: 'I love that Special K commercial where they ripped out all of the size labels out of jeans and made the labels words like 'fabulous,' 'confident,' and 'radiant,'" she says. 'If I can figure out how to do that for my collection, I'm going to try it out!'"

"The most polished way to wear the LBD"


"How to find the perfect work dress, straight from a pro"